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General Orchid-related Sites
Orchid Photography and Related Sites
Florida Orchid Societies
Orchid Culture Information
  • Charles and Margaret Baker's
  • - very detailed culture sheets for orchid species from around the world.  You pay a nominal cost for culture sheets that you are interested in.  Be sure to check out their free cultural sheets for many popular species. 
Online Orchid Forums/Chat Rooms
Resources for Growing Orchids from Seed
  • Troy Meyers Conservatory
  • - Troy Meyers will flask species orchid seed for you and send you a flask in return for being able to sell more flasks made from the seed...all you pay is shipping for the flask and a moderate flask deposit. 
  • The Orchid Seedbank Project
  • - Aaron Hicks operates a seedbank of species orchid seeds, and offers seed either for sale or in trade for other seed. 
General Botanical Information